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Curiously Wild

Curiously Wild is a collection brought about through the collaboration of five creative makers, with The Pinecone Project at the helm.  Hand dyed yarn, project bags and/or stitch markers have been designed based on unusual animal pairings that are found in the wild.  

Dye Pretty Yarn + Fibre contributed to the collection with a special colourway and a limited edition stitch marker inspired by the Clownfish.  To complete this pairing, The Pinecone Project has dyed an Anemone colourway.  

The clownfish and anemone are a mutually beneficial pair.  The clownfish hides out in the anemone, who provides it with protection.  In return the clownfish swims out into the reef to lure large fish back to the anemone.  The anemone then stings and eats the large fish and the clownfish gets the leftovers.  Everybody wins!  (Except the large fish.)

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