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Hey There!

Marisa is pictured outside on a suburban street with wind in her dyed auburn hair.  She is wearing sunglasses and a grey shawl interspersed with multicoloured nupps.
I'm Marisa and I'm thrilled to see you here.  I’m the knitter, crocheter, spinner, felter, designer and Lead Yarnie behind Pretty Little Yarns Ltd. and Dye Pretty Yarn + Fibre.  My continued love of problem solving and colour translated my background as an Interior Designer onto my love of fibre arts and subsequently into my role here at PLY.  PLY began as a little seed of an idea back in 2016, which was ruminated on until its opening in 2018.  At shows you will often see my husband, Andrew, by my side as he teams up with me part-time and behind the scenes to help make this shop its very best.  When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my two little boys, who you will see from time to time on our social accounts.
I have always been drawn to colour, to craft, and to the handmade.  I spent my childhood dabbling in whatever crafts I could get my hands on, but I was always taken with fiber and needle arts.  I was about 7 when I first learned to knit – an acrylic scarf in dusty mauve with unintentionally wavy edges and holes from yarn-overs and dropped stitches.  I didn’t knit again for 6 years when, in my excitement, I next made a set of booties for my first niece.  Years later, Andrew was in college very close to a local yarn shop and in thumbing through their books, buying their yarn, and taking their classes I began to find my place within the crafting world and began to knit in earnest. 
Through knitting I found crochet, and then hand spinning, wheel spinning and needle felting.  Through knitting I found community, both on and offline, and I hope to forge that same sense of community with each and every one of you, too.  Happy Crafting!

About Pretty Little Yarns Ltd.

A collection of yarns displayed on a shelf by colour.
Welcome to Pretty Little Yarns Ltd.!  We are an independently owned and operated online yarn shop in Woodbridge, Ontario.  Opened in fall of 2018, we are now also home to Dye Pretty Yarn + Fibre, our in-house hand-dyed yarn and fibre line.  We have a passion for yarn, craft, and community.  While we specialize in Canadian hand-dyed yarns and hand-made accessories, we also carry a selection of tried and true Cascade Yarns.
Pretty Little Yarns Ltd. aims to be a safe and inclusive space for all, regardless of race, background, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender presentation, size, wealth, health, ability, age, or anything else.  We respect each and every member of the fiber and growing shop community and look forward to sharing in our love of fiber arts of all kinds.