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Mezzo Looms

Mezzo Looms

  • $30.00

This 6" x 9" birch ply loom from Chip and Sparrow is a nice size for taking the next step in your weaving journey.  Large enough to create pockets, greeting cards, or book covers.  Each loom comes with everything you need to get weaving: a comb, a loom, a manual, a pickup, and 7cm steel yarn needle with a big enough eye to thread roving or anything else you can throw at it, and an impressive 17.5cm needle for all your weaving needs. Just add your own weaving materials and let creativity take over!

The looms are unfinished but are paintable to give your own personal touch.  They can be used over and over by removing each weaving when it is finished.  

Use a thin yarn or thread for the warp and then customize your weaving by using various items for the weft.  

Chip and Sparrow suggests: "For the weft, use anything you might have on hand: worsted yarn, roving, funky yarns, scraps of fabric (selvedges are great), ribbon, sticks, grass, feathers, dried flowers. Anything. Go for a walk, collect things, and weave them in, to mark the year."