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Chapter 10: Crochet the Days Away

Posted by Marisa Veri on

Summer is in full swing and as I said in June, summer is one of my favourites.  I can do without humidity but the sunshine and warmth fuels my soul.  Besides, the summer sun means long bright evenings perfect for open-air crafting.  I spent some time visiting with family so I didn't get the July blog out when I intended.  I would show you my travel knitting but I've recently had to tink and frog back all of it due to a lost stitch marker.  There I was happily increasing at all the stitch markers as planned, until I noticed one was gone and my stomach sank.  About 3 inches of light fingering stockinette all needed to come out. 

Pile of yarn ripped out of project

I spent part of July muddling through a design of my own for the first time ever.  I have a knitting related tattoo planned and I needed an arrow shaped shawl for part of the tattoo but wasn't fully taken with any of the options out there.  They say necessity is the mother of all creation, and I guess that is the case here too.  I only finished enough to be used in the tattoo, and while the stitches did not always behave quite as I expected, I honestly can say I loved the process nonetheless.  I will definitely be finishing the design in the next year to share with everyone.  

Image of beginning of shawl design

You may recall that I dedicated the last post to a few of the knitting patterns out there calling my name.  Well, this month it only seemed fitting to shout out some of the crochet siren songs I've found as well.  Of course now I want to cheat on all my WIP's with these things, but I shall remain resolute.  

I have to be honest and say that usually spinning is my summer craft of choice.  Perhaps fuelled by Tour de Fleece, or maybe just the heat inspiring me to be less covered in yarny garments.  This year, however, I was away when the Tour began and haven't really gotten into it at all.  Crocheting, for some reason, has always been my summer runner up.  Crocheted clothing always looks airy and light.  Crocheted lace is open and often cotton or linen.  Then of course there is crocheted toys, which are small and made up of many pieces so don't make you hot during the process.  Even Google shows that crochet is searched for more in summer months than knitting.  I'm not totally sure why that is, but who am I to argue with Google?  

I've never crocheted a garment before, but the speed of crochet and the fleeting summer sun has made me really want to crochet a little t-shirt or tank this year.  I've seen numerous calls for size inclusivity in the pattern market of late.  As a big girl myself, I've always simply accepted that I can't get everything I like in my size, and then get extra excited when I can find it.  I recognize that sizing for all of the sizes out there is a tremendous task which is why this month I want any tops I highlight to have a broader than average size offering.  

 Three short sleeve sweaters

The Top Down Summer Tee and the Frigus Top Down Tee, both from Jane Kleivset are simply styled but oh so wearable and available in sizes from S to 5XL.  I love the texture combinations in each of them and they would shine in the Minuet or Messa di Voce collections.  

The Huldra Sweater, with its playful colourwork yoke, can be made in long or short sleeves and is available in S to 4XL sizes.  I love the opportunities for combining and playing colours off each other.  You can achieve a similar gradient body with our Crescendo yarn from Sweet Paprika, with a Messa di Voce yoke. 

Next up are a couple of happy little home decor items that made me smile.  The Easy Modern Storage Basket by Sigoni Schaap is a cute take on a classic crocheted item.  I can see whipping one of these up for each of my boys to keep their toiletries organized, or making one as part of a gift basket.  

stack of crocheted baskets and flatlay of watermelon potholders

The Watermelon Potholder by Reina Nielsen is quite possibly the most summery potholder I've ever seen.  Imagine these doing double duty as trivets at a family barbecue?  Simply adorable.  Both of these would work up beautifully in Cascade Avalon.

I know in this heat it's hard to imagine wrapping up in a shawl, but before you know it the evenings will be drawing in cooler.  Even now, when I'm at the grocery store the air conditioning can leave me wishing I had something to toss around my shoulders.  

Crocheted Shawl images

Cotton Performance by Vera Ilieva is a stunning play with colour and texture both.  Easily made up in our selection of Avalon, or Cascade 220 if you prefer to work with wool, it is a great chance to mix and match colourways to make it your own.  If you want a lighter weight shawl, Ana D. has you covered with the Falling Blossoms Shawl.    Make it in a gradient using Crescendo, or give movement with a variegated Shifty Sock, or stick to solid with Messa di Voce - whatever you choose, this shawl is sure to show it off.  

I know that the next little while will be tied up in show preparations for me, so I really hope that I get to live vicariously through some of you as you work up one of these projects.  If you want to catch us at the shows we will be at Bolton Midnight Madness in downtown Bolton, ON on Friday August 9th, Fibre Spirit at the Barrie Curling Club on Saturday August 24th, and K-W Knitters Fair at the Aud on Saturday September 14th.  See ya there, and until then, happy crafting!



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