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Chapter 18: Like a Comet

Posted by Marisa Veri on

I don’t know about anyone else but in recent years it can feel like time is moving at a glacial pace, but then suddenly you look up from the everyday moments of life to realize that it has in fact dashed on like a comet, you just hadn’t noticed.  It is through many moments like these, stacked one on top of the other, again and again that brings me here today having thought it was not too long ago that I wrote last, only to discover nearly two full years have passed! 

This means that if you have not been following us over on our socials, then you might have missed what we’ve been up to for the last several months!  In 2022 we were able to connect with so many of you as we vended at more festivals and shows than ever before.  From Orillia to Kawartha, we brought our new yarn display unit and all our fibre goodies all across Ontario.  I love helping people pick colours for their projects so much, and when they happen to select one of my Dye Pretty yarns, my heart just sings.  I genuinely find it so inspiring to be around so many fellow fibre lovers, I’m often leaving one show with the gears already turning for the next one.  

Yarn is displayed on a custom made display rack utilizing white posts and air craft cables

As the 2022 festival season wound down, my little ones, who you may recall stayed home with me throughout the height of the pandemic, returned to in person school for the first time since March 2020.  They are enjoying making friends and learning, and I’m enjoying being able to find more focus in my work.  

For example, I wrapped up last year by stepping slightly out of my comfort zone with a collection of felted ornaments.  I pushed my felted artwork to the next level after several weeks of hard work.  Even though I am used to putting my art out into the world for people to collect by way of my yarn, something about sharing this particular line of works really felt vulnerable so when it was well received at the market and online, I was beyond delighted.  

A poinsettia flower is felted to a white felt ball.  A green jingle bell and a red ribbon are used to hang them.

This year is off to a wonderful start as this weekend I get to participate in the Fibre Love Affair online festival.  You can catch me tonight at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST at the kick off pj party, or on Sunday at 1:40pm EST/ 10:40am PST for my full presentation.  I will be launching my brand new Heart Felt collection of conversation heart candy inspired felted keychains and pins and demonstrating my latest piece of equipment, my felting gun.  I hope to see you there!

Fibre Love Affair Schedule Table

On that note, I will sign off with the very best intention to check back in soon.  Happy crafting everyone!

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