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Chapter 6: Welcoming Community

Posted by Marisa Veri on

When thinking about this month’s blog, I contemplated long and hard what to write.  I considered a Valentine’s post, one for Lunar New Year, or something to highlight Black History month, or just a post about what’s new in the shop.  Those would all make excellent posts, but when I finally sat down to put words on this digital page, this is what began flowing from my hands.  What is going on these past several weeks in our wider fiber community is important, and even if my voice is just one in a choir of other bigger and more eloquent voices, each voice helps that choir to grow louder. 

When Pretty Little Yarns Ltd. was opened, one of my biggest dreams was to build up a fiber community around the shop, in person and online.  I have been privileged in so many ways, and in that privilege the knitting communities I’ve been involved in have brought me warmth and solidarity. Knowing now about the harm being caused through racism, lack of representation, and lack of diversity in this same community has been eye-opening.  I have been reading, listening, and learning my own failings in regards to these things and intend to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe, supported, and respected in our spaces.

I intend to make Pretty Little Yarns Ltd. a safe and inclusive space for all – regardless of race, background, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender presentation, size, wealth, health, ability, age, or anything else.  We respect each and every member of the fiber and growing shop community.  We want to thank any and all the people who shared their raw emotions, experiences and stories to enlighten and educate us and the entire fiber world.  You should not have needed to do that, but thank you.  We are sorry for all you have had to endure. 

We invite everyone to join in in our spaces, to share in our love of fiber arts of all kinds, and sincerely hope that this space becomes the community I always dreamed it would be.  

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  • Very nicely put, well done 🥰

    Denise Iacovelli on

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