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Chapter 7: Skipping Ahead

Posted by Marisa Veri on

Well hello, everyone.  It's been a while, namely because I took a miss on blogging this March.  You may recall back in the November post I mentioned my battle with anxiety and depression worsening in November and March, well this year was no different.  So instead of forcing myself to write a blog post when I was feeling uninspired, I focused on filling my proverbial cup in other ways and tried to keep up with you all on social media instead, ya know, so you wouldn't miss me too much.  

March was busy though.  My youngest's birthday is at the start of the month and I did my best to make it awesome.  Perhaps my favourite part of birthdays in my house is making the cake.  I am a terrible cake decorator because I lack the patience to make it pretty, but so long as I follow a recipe, I can do a pretty good job of making something decadent.  My husband got me a Bunners cookbook for Christmas and it has had me covered for delicious dessert making ever since.  I highly recommend it if you have any dietary restrictions as it is all gluten, dairy, and nut free.  Here is my best effort at a very hungry caterpillar cake.  

very hungry caterpillar birthday cake

Since March was both National Craft Month and March Break, I decided to learn a new craft with my 4 year old.  We took a bracelet loom from Chip and Sparrow out for a spin.  It was wildly addictive and made great use of my scrappy stash.  This one followed his design intention as much as possible, so I'm now eager to weave something all my own.  I enjoyed it so much that we will be getting some of these babies into the shop, just in time for show season.  They should be available here in about week.  


I managed to have my very own hand-knit Pussy Hat for the weekend of International Women's Day.  Made from Sinister Chilling Chunky, it is so soft and squooshy, I honestly think everyone should have one.  Chunky hat season may be coming to a close, but people who start gift knitting now are much happier in December.  Just sayin'.  

pussy hat fo

We made it out to another Market with Purpose community market event in Nobleton.  It was amazing to meet so many people that day.  Some interested in classes, some in yarns, and a few who came just for me!  It really is the best part of the job.  If I haven't already mentioned, I do offer classes on a private and semi-private basis.  (You can find information here.)  We have loads more dates throughout the year for you to meet us and squish our yarns in person.   

Market stall set up

Our next events are April 27 in King City, and May 4th in Orillia. For details and new locations, keep an eye on our events page because it's always updating. 

We hope to meet some of you out there!  Happy crafting, friends!


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